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Suzi Wild and Jim Hall(non-registered)
Just a note to let you know how privileged we are to have you as our instructor for Beginning Photography.
We both have gained so much insight with your vast knowledge.
Jim and Suzi
Cecilia Binkley(non-registered)
Enjoyed speaking with you today at Red Rock Crossing and appreciated your sharing your knowledge on the geology. Your photos are phenomenal, thank you for sharing them!
Jacque Doyle(non-registered)
I enjoyed meeting you at the DBG yesterday, Thanks for sharing the link to your super photos!
Jack Currie(non-registered)
Having known you for a number of years, it is just now that I am understanding your phenomenal photos. Keep teaching me, my friend.....
Mike Evans(non-registered)
Hi Greg. You and Sally have captured some great images of Namibia and the Himba. Its unusual to get good close ups of the horned and sidwinder adders and the sand gekko's. Your bird pictures are great also. It shows that you had a good visit to Namibia.
Kelli Kast(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your journey to Africa, Greg. Amazing...simply amazing!
Kelli Kast(non-registered)
Your spring flower photos have brightened my desk this month. Thank you!
JudyAnn Rector(non-registered)
I love the unique diversity of your work, Greg. It is truly a pleasure to sit, relax and take a moment to quietly reflect on the beauty you have captured.
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